“Omprogialos” means “Octopus Bay” in Greek. Its name comes from the lively seabed and marine life. Ombrogialos is not a beach but more of a rocky cove with a small jetty. The waters and cliffs are beautiful, and visitors often relax on the rocks surrounding the bay, then take a dip in the water just […]

Ai Giannis Beach

Ai Giannis Beach is known for its small white-blue picturesque church and the small, private beach that is not easily accessible by car. With turquoise, crystal clear water you’ll think that you are in a paradise.

Souda Fortress

Souda is the name of the small island that stands like a guard in the entrance of the gulf of Souda.The Fortress of Souda covers the whole island so that it was impregnable. Built by the Venetians in 1573, this fortress would protect the locals from the invasion of enemies or pirates. This island is […]


Hidden in the area of Akrotiri you’ll find the area of Kamares that you only can get by boat. Cliffs and crystal blue water surrounded by greens, flowers and breathtaking nature, will make this spot into an unforgettable experience.

Seitan Limania beach, Chania

Is this one of Greece’s most Instagrammable beaches? Definitely. Seitan Limani is extraordinary and unique, and well worth seeing out. As a beach, Seitan Limani is something of a “newcomer“ – it was until relatively recently known only to a few fishermen and some locals. Its popularity has spread quickly.


The most popular beach at Akrotiri, ideal for families.The beach is well organized with sunbeds, parasols, showers, lifeguard service etc. It also has infrastructure for disabled persons. Close to the beach you can find taverns, restaurants and cafes providing all the food and drinks you may need.Marathi beach is close to Loutraki beach. It is […]